OneAmerica Votes Announces 2020 Endorsements

Democracy is at its best when immigrants, refugees and people of color are engaged and represented by people that come from our communities and act in our interests. There is a lot at stake this election season. We must mobilize and vote to elect people like us, leaders of color and allies committed to co-governance, to serve at all levels of government.

We are proud to announce our 2020 endorsements, candidates who we believe will fight for our communities and be a voice for justice.

“OneAmerica Votes (OAV) represents and works with numerous communities, and when OAV endorses a candidate, it implies that those communities align themselves with the candidate as well. Therefore, it’s vital that leaders, that represent the values and needs of our communities, get to interview candidates and make sure that they’re “on the same page” when it comes to the issues that affect us.” -Youth Council Member Alex

Our Grassroots Leadership (GRLC) and Youth Council, a group of immigrant, refugee, and POC leaders from across the state, led our endoresement process. Virtually interviewed candidates, asked tough questions, and made key decisions on whether to endorse and how to work with these candidates in the future.

Grid of photos of OA leaders

We invite you to join us to lift these powerful candidates that we have endorsed to elected leadership by supporting their campaigns with your voices, your dollars, your time, and your vote.

*More endorsements will continue to be added to this list as they are interviewed



T’WINA NOBLES – LD 28 Senator
SHARLETT MENA – LD 29 Representative, Position 2


REP. PRAMILA JAYAPAL – CD 7 U.S. Representative
TANISHA HARRIS – LD 17 Representative, Position 1
JAMILA TAYLOR – LD 30 Representative, Position 1
REP. JESSE JOHNSON – LD 30 Representative, Position 2
REP. TANA SENN – LD 41 Representative, Position 1
REP. PAT SULLIVAN – LD 47 Representative, Position 2

Learn more about these candidates by visiting our 2020 Endorsements page.

P.S. We will be celebrating all of the womxn of color we’ve endorsed on July 28 at a virtual event: Womxn of Color RISE to Leadership. All donations will go directly to progressive womxn of color candidates. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets. This year we also center Black womxn’s leadership and excellence, as we stand in solidarity with Black lives and our Black immigrant community members.