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OneAmerica Votes

Building power to create the home we deserve.

OneAmerica Votes is a political and movement home to advance the lives and liberation of immigrant and refugee people. We are a 501(c)(4) advocacy and political organization that organizes and builds the leadership of immigrants and our allies in Washington state to break down systems that were built to exclude us and launch immigrants and people of color into public life. We seek to center our voices and experiences in every system that touches our lives.

We work to build the power we need to create lasting shifts in political influence to transform our lives and our communities. We strive towards a multiracial democracy that is people centered, works for us all and is reflective of our lived experiences and what we deserve to thrive.

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Our Mission

OneAmerica Votes promotes democracy and builds power in immigrant and refugee communities through advocacy, civic engagement and leadership development.

Our Guiding Values

Democracy and Justice for All

We are member-driven. We empower immigrants and refugees to participate in their communities through advocacy and civic engagement.

Diversity Makes Us Stronger

We recruit, train, and develop immigrant and refugee leaders to engage in civic life, including running for elected and appointed office and assuming leadership positions in their communities.

Personal Responsibility and Shared Accountability

We hold elected officials accountable for their positions on issues that impact immigrant and refugee communities.

The OneAmerica Family

Our family of organizations create movements for immigrant and refugee leaders to grow and organize together, advocate together, and champion candidates like us.

OneAmerica Votes
OneAmerica Votes is a non-partisan 501(c)(4) organization promoting democracy and building power in immigrant and refugee communities through advocacy, civic engagement, and leadership development.

OneAmerica Votes Justice Fund
OneAmerica Votes Justice Fund is a State Political Action Committee working to elect immigrant and refugee candidates like us in Washington State.

OAV Justice For All PAC
The OAV Justice for All PAC is a Federal Political Action Committee working to elect immigrant and refugee candidates like us in Congress.

OneAmerica is our 501(c)(3) home for building immigrant power for collective change.

Our Story

Our sister organization, OneAmerica (initially called Hate Free Zone), was founded by Pramila Jayapal after September 11, 2001 to advocate for and with immigrants and refugees in response to anti-immigrant hate. Together with Pramila Japayal, leaders came together to establish Hate Free Zone so immigrants and refugees had a place to organize together and create a future where we could thrive.

In 2008, OneAmerica Votes was founded to build greater political power for immigrants in Washington. We saw a deep need for our communities to be represented at every level of government to have the ability to create real political and systemic change.

Today, OneAmerica Votes is an organization building a political platform, for us by us, that propels immigrants into public life, creating more representation of immigrants at every level of society. In growing our leaders and a powerful immigrant membership base, OneAmerica Votes has advanced key wins on immigration, education justice, early childhood and a more representative democracy.

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