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Become A Member

Invest in your Future, Become a OneAmerica Votes Member.

We all deserve to thrive, no matter where we come from, the color of our skin, or our immigration status. We all want to live well, feel heard, and have our needs met. Some politicians in Washington aren’t listening to us and do not agree that we should have these basic rights.They don’t see us as powerful, don’t feel accountable to us and won’t make commitments to fight for what we need.

We have to show them our power. By coming together, we can build the world we wish to see. By becoming a member of OneAmerica Votes, you will join a movement home and together we will build the political power we need to create a thriving home for us all.

Become a member of OneAmerica Votes today because when we invest in our movement, we get to decide our future.

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“I am a member of OneAmerica Votes because I want to use my money in a powerful way to help other immigrants and build a better world.”

– Candida
OAV Member Leader

Frequently Asked Questions

Members are those who invest in our movement by giving monthly or $5 per year (or more!) to OneAmerica Votes.

Membership is important because:

  • Members sustain our work to build the political power of immigrants and refugees
  • Members hold elected officials accountable to support the issues that matter most to us
  • The more members, the more powerful our voice is
  • Independent money means we get to decide what to do with it

Member Leaders
Member Leaders are immigrants and refugees. They hold decision making power within the organization. They are involved in our candidate endorsement process, participate in leadership development opportunities, invest in the leadership of others, and more.

Members are allies. They don’t identify as an immigrant or refugee but believe deeply in helping grow the electoral power of immigrants to create a just and representative democracy.

As a member of OneAmerica Votes, you become part of our movement family to grow our electoral power and create a representative democracy. As a member you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Turn out an immigrant electorate through canvassing, phone banking and text banking
  • Develop your leadership skills through our power building trainings
  • Join our campaign teams working towards a just immigration system, an inclusive education system and a truly representative democracy
  • Attend our powerful events
  • Support candidates of color running for office
  • Take action on our issues

Member leaders, who identify as immigrants or refugees themselves, also have the opportunity to:

  • Take part in our candidate endorsement process
  • Help shape the strategy and priorities of OAV
  • Grow the organizing and political muscle of OAV by building a base of committed leaders who want to create a thriving home for our communities
  • Help build a cohort of candidates to run for office

Monthly giving keeps your membership current, keeps our costs low and helps us plan for the future! Just like we organize year-round, members invest in OAV year-round. Raising independent funds year-round means we get to divide what to do with them and can pivot and take action as needed.

You are always in control and can stop or change the donation amount at any time.