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Our Thriving Home

We’re united in our vision of a world where people like us – immigrants and refugees – can thrive. Our thriving home is a place where we are equal, valued and loved.  

Together, we can organize to build the power we need to transform our society.

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To create our thriving home we must come together and be bold!


Together, we will build powerful bases of people across Washington that will fight alongside us.


Together, we will share our stories, shifting the public narrative to reflect the strengths and contributions of our communities.


Together, we will get public commitments from our elected officials and keep them accountable.

We must organize at all levels of government to build a just immigration system, inclusive care & education opportunities for all, and a truly representative democracy.


Our thriving home is our future.
Join us in moving toward the home we deserve.

Action Center

Sign On in Support of Our Platform!

Do you a support our vision for a thriving home for immigrants and refugees?

Sign our pledge today to commit to take action with us! We will share opportunities for you to get involved to build the thriving home we deserve.

What we will fight for together to create our thriving home:

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Families are together & free

We will fight to end immigrant detention & incarceration and fight for a pathway to citizenship.

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We are safe & secure

We will fight to ensure we are included in systems that support communities and fight for unemployment benefits for our undocumented communities.

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We have equal access to opportunity

We will ensure childcare workers are paid fairly and early learning programs are funded and accessible to all.

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We belong

We will ensure multilingual learning is centered & valued and our culture & languages are honored in schools.

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Our voices are heard

We will increase access & representation for people like us to run for office, we reform racist election systems, and we mobilize our communities to vote, run and win.

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We have all we need

We will make sure the rich pay their fair share and that the programs we need are funded.