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OneAmerica Votes Justice Fund

Supporting candidates to win at the state level.

OneAmerica Votes Justice Fund is a statewide Political Action Committee (PAC) that was founded in 2015 to build independent money power, supporting and campaigning on behalf of pro-immigrant candidates at the local and state level.

The only way to get what we want, a progressive, pro-immigrant society that keeps us all healthy and safe — is to radically change who is representing us in office. For too long our democracy has been too male, pale and stale. We elect leaders like us who share our values, advancing the fundamental principles of democracy and justice.

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Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

The OneAmerica Votes Justice Fund envisions our communities having power, a voice and representation at all levels of government so we can create a world rooted in justice. We work to ensure our state and local communities are leading the way in representation for people like us, immigrants and refugees.

Our Mission

The OneAmerica Votes Justice Fund advances the fundamental principles of democracy and justice at the local and state level by electing pro immigrant candidates that share our values.

Special Funds

OneAmerica Votes Justice Fund supports special funds comprised of communities of color to build political power and elect candidates that align with our values.

Womxn of Color In Education

A committee of diverse, passionate women of color deeply embedded in and committed to improving education policy and politics in Washington State.

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Help us elect a new generation of leaders by making a contribution to the OneAmerica Votes Justice Fund today. Your support will allow us to get out the vote on behalf of candidates who will co-govern with immigrant communities in our fight for justice.