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Womxn of Color in Education Committee

Empowering BIPOC women and LGBTQIA+ leaders in education.

Womxn of Color in Education (WoCE) envisions a Washington where education leadership reflects the lived experiences of Black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) children and parents. For too long parents and students of color have been the furthest from power in our education system. WoCE seeks to change that.


Join the WoCE network to build power in our schools!

We are a committee of diverse, passionate womxn of color deeply embedded in and committed to improving education policy and politics in Washington State. We bring expertise from across the education pipeline and share the belief that shifting power to people of color is essential to improving educational systems to ensure all kids succeed in school and life. We share the understanding that changing systems of power is not a passive endeavor and that power needs to be intentionally cultivated within communities of color.

We develop the power necessary to support self-identifying womxn of color to utilize their elected, appointed or professional positions to close the opportunity gap, improve educational outcomes, and build a system that values the assets, strengths, and experiences of children of color in Washington state.

Current Work

Advocacy & Investing in Leaders

The WoCe Committee takes action to establish womxn of color in leadership roles in education. We support womxn of color candidates with training, resources, and community. We endorse and financially invest in school board candidates, particularly f and we advocate for policy change to ensure more womxn of color are represented in decision-making bodies.

The WoCE Network

The WoCe Network is focused on building relationship networks in education for womxn of color to shift the power balance in our education. The Network coordinates activities and events that bring womxn of color together and supports BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and women to run and win public office.