2023 General Election Wrap-Up: Building a Thriving Home for Immigrants by Electing Pro-Immigrant Champions to Office

To create our thriving home, a place where immigrants and refugees are equal, valued and loved, we need legislative champions represented everywhere decisions for our communities are made.

In Washington State, we can ensure we all have what we need to thrive, no matter where we come from or our immigration status. We can shift the systems that do not include the needs of immigrants by electing folks to office who will work with us to build the power we need to transform our society.

This election cycle, from the north to the south, immigrants voted for progressive candidates that will work with us to get what we need in 2024. OneAmerica organized 80 volunteers that completed 100 volunteer shifts in SeaTac. We had 4,256 immigrant voter contact attempts, 171 conversations and identified 79 voters as supporters of our SeaTac slate candidates.

After a hard-fought election, we celebrate momentous victories:   

  • King County Council – We have a pro-immigrant majority as Jorge Barón , Teresa Mosqueda and Claudia Balducci all won their races!
  • School Board – Across the state, all our endorsed school board candidates won their races, defeating many right-wing candidates who would not have the diverse needs of our kids at the forefront.
  • Auburn City Council – Hanan Amer emerged victorious in a close race that she won by 75 votes! She will be the first Muslim woman wearing a hijab to serve on the Auburn City Council. After a race riddled with Islamophobia, voters made their voices heard through their votes to ensure hate didn’t prevail. Thank you to Hanan for her courage to run and win!
  • Tacoma City Council – Olgy Diaz, a former OneAmerica Votes staff member, won her citywide race making history as the first Latina elected to the Tacoma City Council! We are so proud of Olgy and celebrate this victory with her.


Congratulations to all who ran powerful races and those who made it to the finish line. We are excited to work together to build a thriving home for immigrants:

  • King County Council, District 4- Jorge L. Barón
  • King County Council, District 6 – Claudia Balducci
  • King County Council, District 8 – Teresa Mosqueda
  • Redmond City Council, Position 3 – Osman Salahuddin
  • SeaTac City Council, Position 1 – Senayet Negusse
  • SeaTac City Council, Position 5 – James Lovell
  • Seattle City Council, District 2 – Tammy Morales
  • Tukwila City Council, Position 2 – Armen Papyan
  • Auburn City Council, Position 7 – Hanan Amer
  • Federal Way School Board Director, District 3 – Luckisha Phillips
  • Highline School Board Director, District 1 – Stephanie Tidholm
  • Renton School District Director, District 1 – Susan Talley
  • Seattle School Board D1 – Liza Rankin
  • Seattle School Board D6 – Gina Topp
  • Vancouver City Council, Position 5 – Ty Stober
  • Vancouver Port Commissioner, District 1 – Don Orange
  • Vancouver Public Schools School Board Director, Position 5 – Tracie Barrows
  • Tacoma City Council, Position 3 – Jamika Scott
  • Tacoma City Council, Position 7 Citywide – Olgy Diaz
  • Bethell School Board Director, District 2- Erasmo Ruiz

After a hard-fought election, we also recognize more power must be built after we saw many losses for our endorsed candidates. 20 of our 28 endorsed candidates won their races – demonstrating that we need a highly organized and broad base of people taking action. Without people knocking on doors and talking to our immigrant neighbors, we will continue to see right-wing folks take over our elections and no justice for our communities. OneAmerica Votes will continue to fight to see candidates like us in office – join us and become a member of OneAmerica Votes today to act and fund our own liberation.

We thank all the candidates for running hard-fought campaigns – we look forward to supporting you all in the future on your path to victory:

  • Burien City Council, Position 2 – Cydney Moore
  • SeaTac City Council, Position 3 – Elizabeth Greninger
  • SeaTac City Council, Position 7 – Damiana Merryweather
  • Seattle City Council, District 5 – ChrisTiana ObeySumner
  • Vancouver City Council, Position 6 – Leah Perkel
  • Yakima City Council, Position 1 – Dulce Gutiérrez
  • Mount Vernon City Council, Ward 1 – Lucy Madrigal
  • Bellingham City Council, Ward 3 – Liz Darrow

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