OneAmerica Votes Announces 2022 Primary Endorsements

Our vision is for a thriving home, a place where immigrants and refugees are equal, valued and loved. To get there, we need people like us and legislative champions represented everywhere decisions for our communities are made. 

We’ve made so much progress in the last 10 years, electing record numbers of pro-immigrant community leaders and leaders of color to Washington’s local, state and federal elected offices. But right now, we’re at risk of backsliding. We could lose our pro-immigrant majority in the state legislature and in Congress – leading to deep and lasting harm for our communities.

OneAmerica Votes leaders, board members and allies understand what’s at stake. We came together to interview candidates, to ensure they will champion a thriving home for immigrants in Washington State, and made decisions to endorse pro-immigrant candidates for Washington State’s primary election. We will continue to add candidates in the coming weeks.

We know that when we work together to LIFT champions, support brave leaders to run, and turn out our communities, we are building power towards creating the thriving home we need. Are you ready to vote? Make sure you’re registered and learn what’s on your ballot this summer by visiting the Vote Washington Website and entering your name and birthday.

Join us in supporting these pro-immigrant candidates to RISE.