OneAmerica Votes’ General Election Endorsements

This election season is underway and primary ballots are being sent out across the state. Are you ready to vote? Make sure you’re registered and learn what’s on your ballot this summer by visiting the Vote Washington Website and entering your name and birthday.

Don’t know where the closest ballot drop box is? Find it here!

We know that when we elect leaders from our community, we elect people who put US first. It’s our time, a time to take big steps towards childcare for all and a healthy recovery from COVID-19. It’s time to make our home a place with a thriving, inclusive democracy that welcomes immigrants and invests in communities. To do that, we need a government that represents us and reflects our lived experiences.

We are proud to announce our general endorsements and new candidates, including Hanan Amer, Kim-Khahn Van, Rami Al-Kabra, Nazir Harb Michel, and Naghmana Sherazi!

This year we have the opportunity to elect candidates who deeply understand our experience because they share it. Candidates who are proven community leaders who have experienced immigration, being a refugee and struggling with poverty, and who are ready to lead with power and a progressive, pro-immigrant vision.  

We can’t leave any power on the table this year – it’s time to vote, turn out our neighbors and our communities, and lift women of color into local offices that will directly impact our lives. It’s our time, and when women and nonbinary candidates win, we all win!