OneAmerica Votes Lifts a Rising Immigrant Electorate, Pointing the Way Towards a Just and Humane Future in DC and Washington State


OneAmerica Votes is reshaping our state’s representation, lifting endorsed candidates of color and allies to leadership. In 2020 OAV focused on endorsing and electing a diverse slate of candidates who have shown their commitment to expanding immigrant and refugee rights, legislating for an equitable state budget that fully funds prek-12 education and gives immigrant families the resources they need to thrive in WA state, and a slate of candidates who believe that our democracy needs big reforms to ensure that people like us are represented up and down ballot.

Grid of photos of OA leaders

In this election cycle, OAV grassroot immigrant leaders, staff and volunteers, mobilized and conducted thousands of immigrant to immigrant conversations.

Together we:

  • Organized 970 Phone and Text Shifts
  • Had 5,325 Conversations with voters
  • Reached 137,278 total voters via phone, mail and digital
  • Raised over $25,000 for Black Womxn Candidates

And all of this work paid off as 30 of our 34 endorsed candidates won their races! We especially rose to lift up slate of pro-immigrant, progressive Black women to leadership in the WA legislature, making history right here at home. After a hard fought election, we are honored to congratulate all our endorsed candidates that won their races:

  • Jay Inslee, Governor
  • Chris Reykdal, OSPI Superintendent
  • Suzan DelBene, CD 1
  • Rick Larsen, CD 2
  • Derek Kilmer, CD 6
  • Pramila Jayapal, CD 7
  • Adam Smith, CD 9
  • Laurie Jinkins, LD 27
  • Melanie Morgan, LD 29, Position 1
  • Bill Ramos, LD 5, Position 1
  • Bob Hasegawa, LD 11
  • Cindy Ryu, LD 32, Position 1
  • Mia Su-Ling Gregorson, LD 33, Position 1
  • Kirsten Harris-Talley, LD 37, Position 2
  • Tana Senn, LD 41, Position 1
  • MyLinh Thai, LD 41, Position 2
  • Frank Chopp, LD 43, Position 2
  • Vandana Slatter, LD 48, Position 1
  • Debra Entenman, LD 47, Position 1
  • Pat Sullivan, LD 47, Position 2
  • Debra Lekanoff, LD 40, Position 1
  • Lillian Ortiz-Self, LD 21, Position 1
  • Christine Rolfes, LD 23
  • Jamila Taylor, LD 30 Position 1
  • Jesse Johnson, LD 30 Position 2
  • Kim Schrier, CD 8
  • T’Wina Nobles, LD 28
  • John Lovick, LD 44, Position 1
  • April Berg, LD 44, Position 2
  • Carolina Mejia, Thurston County Commission District 1

Beth Doglio, Joy Stanford, Tanisha Harris, and Carolyn Long all ran strong races based on values of justice. We fought hard in Vancouver and Southwest Washington for Harris and Long and although they did not win, we won’t give up until we elect new pro-immigrant representation in Vancouver.


This election cycle we learned that grassroots organizing and deep investment in grassroots leaders is what will move our state and nation towards justice. We will continue moving forward and organize to ensure we create justice for all, no matter immigration status, religion or race.

We elected a slate of pro-immigrant legislators to office and now it is time to be in relationship to ensure our communities needs are being met. Our OneAmerica Votes grassroots immigrant leaders will be holding accountability meetings with various state legislators to ensure they are on our side and will fight for programs that put communities first as we head into the 2021 Legislative Session. If you’d like to stay in the loop and take action on our legislative agenda, which includes advocating for a unemployment system for undocumented workers, pledge to take action here.


Thanks to grassroots organizing across the country, voter’s decided and elected Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to lead the country. After years of racism, scapegoating and constant attacks on our communities, our new Vice President is now a Black woman and a child of immigrants. We’re ready to organize for a just and humane immigration system under a Biden-Harris ticket!

During their election trail, Biden and Harris made significant promises to immigrant communities and we are joining organizations across the country to fight for #FreedomTogether.

America chose a new vision for our country: one where all are welcomed, no matter our race, religion or place of birth. Now we need the campaign promises to become reality. On day one we must:

  • End deportations
  • Pass inclusive COVID-19 relief
  • Introduce legislation for permanent protections.

Join the #FreedomTogether campaign here.