JOIN US: Women of Color Rise: It’s Our Time

Join us for a virtual event and fundraiser form women of color running for office in Washington State!

Where: Virtual – Via Zoom and Facebook live
When: Thursday, July 22nd 7 PM-8 PM

When we elect leaders from our community, we elect people who put US first. For too long our elected officials have attempted to speak for us or put our needs, the needs of communities of color, immigrants and women last. We need authentic representation.

This year we have the opportunity to elect candidates who deeply understand our experience because they share it. It’s time to lift progressive, pro-immigrant women of color to office. It’s our time, and when women of color win, we ALL win.

*All funds contributed to OAVJF will go to progressive women of color candidates running for office who have been endorsed by our board via the Grassroots Leadership and Youth Council, immigrants and refugees who lead and inspire OneAmerica’s work. Donations to the OAVJF are not tax-deductible.*