Where OneAmerica Votes stands with I-1000 & I-976

OneAmerica Votes endorses I-1000, the Affirmative Action and Diversity measure, brought to the ballot by Referendum 88.  OAV also recommends a no vote on Tim Eyman’s Initiative 976

With I-1000, we have an opportunity to address historical and ongoing discrimination, ensuring that our public institutions are diverse and accessible for all by reinstating consideration of racial inequity in access to public education and public employment. On the other hand, Eyman’s I-976 deserves to be roundly rejected. It would devastate our already strained transportation system by cutting funding for road and transit projects from Spokane to Seattle, Bremerton to Zillah and all points in between. With traffic worsening, climate pollution impacting our health, and past-due road and infrastructure repairs, the last thing we need is to disinvest in our transportation system.