Kristine Reeves for Representative in the 30th Legislative District

Earlier this summer, OneAmerica Votes proudly endorsed Kristine Reeves for re-election as State Representative for Washington’s 30th Legislative District, which covers much of Federal Way.

When not in the legislature, Kristine currently serves as the Director of Economic Development for the Military and Defense sector for the state of Washington, focusing on the public and private elements of economic development as it relates to infrastructure, suppliers and contractors and community advocacy and public support organizations for the US Military in our state.  As such she has been an active leader on veterans issues, and has a deep understanding of Washington’s military-related industries.

She grew up in Moses Lake, Washington, and overcome significant adversity in her early years to eventually graduate from Washington State University, and eventually earned a masters from Gonzaga University.  Kristine is the mother of two young children.

While in the legislature, Kristine has been an important voice advocating for improved educational opportunities for all of Washington’s children, comprehensive transportation systems, and a family-friendly economy.  She has perhaps been most vocal in efforts to make child care more affordable, lifting up the voices of workers in her district struggling to cover the cost of care, and the difficult choices they’ve been forced to make.

The OneAmerica Votes Justice Fund is currently organizing canvasses and phone banks in support of Kristine’s re-election to the Washington House of Representatives.  For more information, contact us here.

Statement by Rich Stolz, CEO of OneAmerica Votes on its endorsement of Kristine Reeves: 

“In her first two years in the legislature, Kristine emerged as an important leader, effectively representing her district and strategically engaging her colleagues on a range of issues important to immigrant and refugee communities across Washington State.  Kristine brings a truly compelling and powerful personal story, and an important perspective as a woman of color in the State House.  Her inspiration has encouraged others, regardless of their background or whatever obstacles they have overcome in their lives, to consider their own runs for office.”