2017 General Election Endorsements

Rebecca Saldaña

State Senate, 37th District

OneAmerica Votes proudly endorses Rebecca Saldaña for State Senate representing the 37th Legislative District. Since her appointment to the Senate in December, Senator Saldana has put her skills as a community organizer and strategic coalition-builder to work passing important legislation to protect victims of human trafficking, fighting for immigrant and refugee communities, and proposing important proposals to counteract the impact of regressive taxes and fees on low-income residents. She has also fought for the residents of the 37th District in Olympia on issues ranging from transportation to housing, voting rights to paid family leave. As a long-time community leader and woman of color, Saldana’s leadership is an inspiration to young people, in her district and across Washington State. There’s no better choice to represent Washington’s most diverse legislative district
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Manka Dhingra

State Senate, 45th District

OneAmerica Votes stands with Manka Dinghra who is running for Washington State Senate in the 45th legislative district. Manka is a respected prosecuting attorney, an award-winning parent leader, and powerful advocate for women and immigrant communities. As a member of the Sikh community in Washington State, Manka’s election would also significantly improve the religious, gender and racial diversity of Washington’s legislature, which will be critical to ensuring that all of our communities are represented in Olympia. On issues ranging from inclusion to the environment, Manka brings a creative, collaborative mind and a genuine grounding in the needs of the families and communities of east King County.

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Lorena González

Seattle City Council, Position 9

Lorena González has long fought for the rights of immigrants and refugees in Seattle and Washington State. As a Councilmember, Lorena spearheaded a $1 million legal defense fund for immigrants. This invaluable support will provide a lifeline hundreds of community members who find themselves under attack from the current administration.

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Teresa Mosqueda

Seattle City Council, Position 8

A longtime leader in the labor movement, Teresa has led on issues that matter most to our communities: fair wages, paid family leave, affordable housing, protecting our civil rights and more. She led statewide efforts on I-1433, which raised the minimum wage and established paid safe and sick time for workers across Washington.

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Zak Idan

Tukwila City Council, Position 5

Zak’s story is the American Dream. Arriving from Somalia, he established himself as a leader in the community, working for King County as an engineer and serving on several boards and commissions. If elected, Zak will use his experience and knowledge of government to fight for his vision of a Tukwila that welcomes all.

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De’Sean Quinn

Tukwila City Council, Position 7

OneAmerica Votes enthusiastically endorses De’Sean Quinn for Tukwila City Council Position 7. Council Member Quinn has dedicated himself to lifting up the voices of Tukwila’s diverse communities, always making it a point to be accessible and accountable to voters and the broader community. Quinn has emerged as a critically important voice in the movement for environmental and climate justice, racial equity in governance, and bridging communities across differences. Quinn’s steady and innovative leadership on Tukwila City Council shows why 2017’s local elections are critical to realizing a vision for inclusive and vibrant communities where everyone deserves to be heard and respected.

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Ubah Aden

Tukwila School Board, District 4

Ubah has been an active leader in King County’s growing Somali community, and an active volunteer with OneAmerica and OneAmerica Votes for several years. Whatever the task, Ubah is a hard worker who acts with integrity, honesty and a strong commitment to collaboration and to building the capacity of those around her. At this time of transition for the Tukwila School Board, Ubah’s ability to build collaborative partnerships, her work ethic, and her personal understanding of Tukwila’s diverse student community is exactly what Tukwila schools need. Vote Ubah Aden for Tukwila School Board, and ensure that Tukwila’s schools can effectively serve all of its students and families.

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Satwinder Kaur

Kent City Council, Position 2

A powerful and tireless advocate, Kaur has demonstrated her commitment to the diverse residents and neighborhoods of Kent while remaining grounded in a Sikh faith tradition that values service, equity and resilience. Kaur brings a strong working knowledge of Kent’s government and a deep personal understanding of the challenges facing Kent’s residents. Her commitment to transparency, inclusiveness and to working across differences to find real solutions will make Kent a more equitable and vibrant community.

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Rituja Indapure

Sammaish City Council, Position 5

Rituja is a mother and active volunteer leader in Sammamish schools, an accomplished technology professional, and immigrant. Through her work with Tasveer, Rituja has helped to promote arts and culture and to celebrate the growing diversity of Sammamish and King County. Rituja is a bright, effective and accomplished leader who brings a strong sense of community, hope and efficiency to everything she touches. Vote Rituja Indapure for Sammamish City Council!

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Karol Brown

Bellevue City Council, Position 4

A longtime volunteer and former staff-member with OneAmerica, Karol Brown is running for Bellevue City Council, Position 4. OneAmerica Votes proudly endorses Karol Brown, an accomplished and well-respected immigration attorney, business owner and community advocate. Karol understands firsthand the challenges facing Bellevue’s communities, including the growing immigrant and refugee community. She will bring a deep sense of integrity, a commitment to racial equity, and a brilliant strategic and legal mind to Bellevue City Council. Karol has the conviction and capacity to help make Bellevue a more affordable, safer and more welcoming community for all.

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Ruth Perez

Renton City Council, Position 6

Ruth is an energetic and passionate champion and community leader with a deep commitment to social and racial equity. Ruth has been a vocal advocate for the City of Renton on statewide and regional issues on issues ranging from transportation to education, and she’s been a champion for Renton’s immigrant and refugee and people of color communities. Ruth embodies genuine authenticity and honesty in her role on City Council, and she’s a trail blazer in opening up local elected office in south King County to powerful women of color. Vote Ruth Perez for Renton City Council!

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Jesse Johnson

Renton City Council, Position 6

Jesse’s leadership will bring new hope and a brighter future for diverse communities in Federal Way. As an educator, and youth advocate, Jesse has consistently put students and families first. He will continue to work closely with youth and parents to ensure that future generations are provided with opportunities and the path to success.

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Kay Funk

Yakima City Council, Position 4

Kay has lived in the city for more than 34 years and she truly understands the hopes and dreams of our communities. A longtime advocate for Yakima’s immigrant and refugee communities, Kay is grounded in values of faith and justice. She will fight to ensure Yakima is an inclusive city that welcomes all.

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Pablo Gonzalez

Yakima City Council, Position 2

A tireless activist for his community Pablo has shown his commitment to the city and to his district. He is a vocal advocate for investments in Yakima’s neighborhoods, and he will fight to make sure that all Yakima communities are safe and prosperous.

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Don Orange

Vancouver Port Commission, District 1

An accomplished small business owner, Don is a longtime advocate for diverse communities in Vancouver and throughout Washington State who brings commonsense, honesty and an admirable work ethic to his candidacy. OneAmerica Votes stands with Don and his commonsense, principled opposition to the proposed oil-by-rail terminal at the Port of Vancouver. We are thankful for his courageous and outspoken commitment to balancing growth with community safety and public health. Vote Don Orange for Vancouver Port Commission!

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