Education Equity

Race, ethnicity, or socio-economic status should not prevent children from obtaining an exceptional education. Access to high quality early learning access includes growing an early learning work force that is diverse and reflects the needs of our state’s changing demographics. Positive identity and bilingualism are important cornerstones of the educational experience. Effective, strengths-based parent engagement efforts are key to any students academic success. Teachers, administrators, school boards and state decision-makers must accurately reflect our diverse immigrant demographic. This isn't just an incoherent list of random principles (though you may disagree); it is our vision for a public education system that meets the needs of all students.


Advocacy Materials

Road Map English Language Learner (ELL) Action Plan



Breaking Down Education Barriers: Lessons from Immigrant Youth and Families in King County

Road Map 2012 Results Report


External Websites

Children's Alliance Early Learning Action Alliance

Coalition focused on improving outcomes in the field of early learning

The Road Map Project

Project focused on improving education outcomes from cradle-to-career for kids in South King Count and South Seattle


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I am an OAV member because they get me involved in elections. I even got to interview Jay Inslee when he was running for Governor.

- Fredy, member since 2011

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