Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) is a way of summarizing the need to fix our broken immigration system. It means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. When we say CIR, we mean creating an immigration system that values love, respects the dignity of all people, is based on compassion and common sense, and centers around reuniting families and a road map to citizenship for the undocumented.


Advocacy Materials

OAV Principles for Comprehensive Immigration Reform


Center for Budget and Policy Priorities Economic Impact of CIR

External Websites

America’s Voice

Communications hub for immigration-related information

Asian American Justice Center

Reuniting Families campaign that focuses on Asian and Pacific Islanders’ needs in CIR

Bibles, Badges and Business

Campaign that has generated support for CIR from faith, law enforcement and business communities

Facebook founder’s effort to garner support for CIR

Immigration Policy Center

Everything you need to know about immigration and its impacts

Migration Policy Institute

Data hub for everything immigration

National Immigration Law Center

Makes the wonkiness of immigration policy easier to digest

National Immigration Forum

The name says it all

Washington Compact

Washington State’s version of Bibles, Badges and Business