Ready to Welcome Donald Trump to Washington?

He's called us rapists and claims Mexico will pay for a new border wall. He says "Islam hates us" and vows to block Muslims from entering America. He's called women 'fat pigs,' 'dogs,' 'slobs,' and 'disgusting animals' - one reason why his favorability rating among women voters is awful and declining.

Yet, in the last couple days, Donald Trump has become the presumptive Republican nominee for President of the United States. And Trump is bringing his divisive campaign to Washington State this weekend in preparation for the May 24 GOP Presidential Primary.

As we've seen at Trump rallies and recent hate crimes, Trump's hateful rhetoric has real consequences - just see the Trump Hate Map developed by America's Voice. If he becomes President in November, his policies will have devastating consequences on our communities - immigrant, refugee, Latino, Muslim, and women.

Will you help us stand up to hate?

Your donation to OneAmerica Votes will help us protest Trump's campaign swing through Washington while educating and registering new voters.

Trump is planning three campaign events in our state on Saturday in Vancouver, Spokane, and in the Puget Sound area. Details are sketchy - and things could change given recent events - but we're monitoring them closely. OneAmerica Votes is working with several allies to plan a special welcoming for Trump after he arrives on his lavish, gold-plated plane. We will be peaceful, but not quiet. 

This is personal. He's not only talking about me, my son, and my family, but about the direction of our country. This is our country, too, and the hate Trump is spreading doesn't belong in the bright future we can build together for our country. The silver lining is that Trump's hateful rhetoric and dangerous policies are inspiring a rush of immigrants, especially Latino immigrants, to become U.S. citizens. And vote!

Stay tuned for ways to get invovled with OneAmerica Votes this election year. Help send Trump a clear message that prejudice and hate have no place in our politics or our state. Join us as we work together across the state to educate, register, and inspire our family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors to fight for justice and a stronger democracy!

Thank you for your support,

Fernando Meija-Ledesma
OneAmerica Votes Organizing Director


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I am an OAV member because they get me involved in elections. I even got to interview Jay Inslee when he was running for Governor.

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