Washington State DREAM Act

Quick: What’s better for our state (and the world), providing talented students who have grown up in Washington State with an opportunity to go to college and get a degree or cutting those same students out of college? We think the answer is pretty straight forward, but not everyone in our state legislature does. Help us convince the state legislature to reward hard work with the opportunity to go to college by passing the Washington State DREAM Act.


Advocacy Materials

 WA DREAM Act Fact Sheet





External Websites

DREAM Actvist

Action and resource network for undocumented students

DREAM Act Portal

Online community for undocumented students and advocates

WA Dream Act Coalition

Home of Washington State's coalition of Dreamers



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I am an OAV member because they get me involved in elections. I even got to interview Jay Inslee when he was running for Governor.

- Fredy, member since 2011

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