Love is Winning!

We started this election season with attacks on our community: candidates denigrating the contributions immigrants and refugees have made to our country, comparing us to criminals and promising mass deportations.

But the mood of this election is changing. With your help, Washington is fighting back against hate and working to build a Washington for All. This week’s primary results show a different side of politics, one committed to the values that unite us all: compassion, respect and ensuring every voice is heard.

Canvassing for PramilaOur founder, Pramila Jayapal, won the primary with 41.9% of the vote in a competitive, 9-way race for Washington’s 7th Congressional District. Last week our members hit the doors and picked up the phones to urge voters to embrace Pramila's vision for justice.

"Pramila has been a champion of our community for so many years," said Abdirahman OJ, who canvassed for Pramila Jayapal in White Center. "I was so happy for the opportunity to spread the word about what she's done for us."

Other OneAmerica Votes endorsed candidates also did well. Cyrus Habib, who would be the first person of Middle Eastern descent elected statewide, will move forward to the general election with 22.1% of the vote in a 10-way race for Lieutenant Governor. Erin Jones, the first black woman to run statewide in Washington’s history, leads the race for Superintendent of Public Instruction with 25.6% and will move on to the general election, as will Monica Stonier in Vancouver.

Our hard work has paid off so far, but none of it matters if our vision for an inclusive democracy does not win in November. Our communities are coming together to make sure that this happens and we want you to join us. When everyday voters come together and stand up for the candidates that represent our values, we’re on our way to building a Washington for All.


Member Testimonial

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I am an OAV member because they get me involved in elections. I even got to interview Jay Inslee when he was running for Governor.

- Fredy, member since 2011

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