OneAmerica Votes advocates for local, state and federal policies that promote democracy and justice and create stronger individuals, families and communities—especially for immigrants and refugees. That's right, we can get wonky, it's just a matter of flipping a switch.
Current Campaigns


2015 Legislative Agenda

OneAmerica Votes has an ambitious 2015 legislative agenda that includes advocacy around Dual Language education, securing a robust Voting Rights Act in Washington, ensuring that Washington's biggest polluters are held accoutnable for their environmental effects, maintaining access to citizenship services and more!

Check out OneAmerica Votes' 2015 Legislative Agenda here


Comprehensive Immigration Reform

OneAmerica Votes advocates for just and humane immigration reform that will create stronger and healthier communities by achieving the following policy goals: Keep all families together by creating a roadmap to citizenship; reunite families; create a sensible worker program with protections; ensure humane treatment; respect safety in immigration enforcement; promote immigrant integration; and support gender equity.

Check out OneAmerica Votes' Principles for Just and Humane Immigration Reform

Learn more by visiting our Comprehensive Immigration Reform webpage.


Improving Education for Immigrant Communities

OneAmerica Votes is dedicated to improving public education to ensure equity and quality for all students, with a focus on improving the educational experiences of immigrant children, children from immigrant families and their parents or guardians. 

Learn more about our work to improve education for immigrant communities by visiting our Education Equity webpage.


Detainer Reform

King County Detainer Ordinance (2013-0285), introduced by King County Councilmembers Larry Gossett and Joe McDermott, would address the harmful impact of the federal government’s controversial "Secure Communities" (S‐Comm) and related programs by providing local law enforcement with clear guidelines for compliance with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) requests to detain individuals for civil immigration enforcement purposes.

Instead of processing all "ICE holds," even for individuals with no charges or minor infractions, King County would only submit to ICE's voluntary detainer requests if an individual has a serious or violent felony conviction. The King County Detainer Ordinance would build on previous local initiatives to foster an environment of inclusiveness and trust by drawing a clear line between federal immigration enforcement and local law enforcement and County employees.

Learn more about detainer reform by visiting our Detainer Reform webpage.


Washington Voting Rights Act

The Washington Voting Rights Act (WVRA) will ensure all communities have a fair chance to elect candidates of their choice in local elections. For government to be accountable, all voices need to be heard. But some election systems prevent all neighborhoods from being represented in local government. The WVRA empowers local governments to fix this widespread problem.

Learn more by visiting our Washington Voting Rights Act webpage.


Washington State DREAM Act

Education is the cornerstone of our democracy. In Washington State, we have long valued education, fairness, and diversity. The bipartisan Washington State DREAM Act (HB1817) would build on these values by extending state-based financial aid to our state’s young aspiring citizens, capitalizing on their potential while strengthening our state’s economy.

Learn more by visiting our Washington State DREAM Act webpage.

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I am an OAV member because they get me involved in elections. I even got to interview Jay Inslee when he was running for Governor.

- Fredy, member since 2011

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