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We are multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multi-lingual. We are optimistic about the future. We love many things, especially democracy, justice and civic engagement. Learn more about what guides our work below.



OneAmerica Votes promotes democracy and builds power in immigrant and refugee communities through advocacy, civic engagement and leadership development.


Guiding Values

Democracy and Justice for All

OneAmerica Votes is member-driven.
OneAmerica Votes empowers immigrants and refugees to participate in their communities through advocacy and civic engagement.

Diversity Makes Us Stronger

OneAmerica Votes recruits, trains, and develops immigrant and refugee leaders to engage in civic life, including running for elected and appointed office and assuming leadership positions in their communities.

Personal Responsibility and Shared Accountability

OneAmerica Votes holds elected officials in Washington State accountable for their positions on issues that impact immigrant and refugee communities.


Areas of Work

OneAmerica Votes accomplishes its mission through work in our four core program areas: advocacy, civic engagement, community education and leadership development, and strategic communications.


OneAmerica Votes advocates for a local, state, and federal policy agenda that promotes democracy and justice and creates stronger individuals, families, and communities—especially for immigrants and refugees.

Civic and Political Engagement

OneAmerica Votes invests in communities and strengthens democracy by empowering immigrants and refugees to engage in civic life.

Community Education and Leadership Development

OneAmerica Votes identifies, trains, and develops leaders from immigrant and refugee communities to become civic leaders, including candidates for elected and appointed office.

Strategic Communications

OneAmerica Votes amplifies the voice of immigrant and refugee communities in civic life and public policy discussions.

Member Testimonial

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I am an OAV member because they get me involved in elections. I even got to interview Jay Inslee when he was running for Governor.

- Fredy, member since 2011

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